Welcome to “Naan King.” a fine dining Indian restaurant. We serve a selection of traditional Indian dishes as well as several of our own creation. The ingredients we use complement each other nutritionally and please the palate. All dishes are made with freshly ground herbs and contain no MSG. Each dish is spiced to enhance its particular aroma and flavor. The spices do not make the dishes hot. Our skilled chefs make each dish individually and we will be happy to make your dishes the way you prefer them, from mild to extra-hot. Please bear in mind that Indian food is not “fast food” and that our dishes take time to prepare, Your patience will be rewarded.


We are located in the small community of Rancho Murieta. We service a diverse community economically, ethnically, and generationally. We are committed to being a part of building our community. The family-friendly environment in our restaurant is a part of the desire to see families connect in a safe space and have a great meal. We are here to help busy families spend more time together around the dinner table.

Seafood Fried Noodles

Crispy Spinach

Diet Coke

Fried Babycorn Mongolian Dry

Fruit Punch

Steam Bread