1: Curd vs Yoghurt Learn the key differences between curd and yoghurt - from their origin to taste and health benefits.

2: Origin Curd is native to India, while yoghurt originated in Central Asia. Both are dairy products with distinct flavors.

3: Ingredients Curd is made from curdling milk with a sour agent, while yoghurt is produced by fermenting milk with live cultures.

4: Taste Curd has a tangy flavor with a creamy texture, while yoghurt is creamy with a slightly tangy and refreshing taste.

5: Nutritional Benefits Both curd and yoghurt are rich in probiotics, protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients beneficial for gut health.

6: Health Benefits Consuming curd and yoghurt regularly may aid digestion, improve immunity, and promote overall well-being.

7: Culinary Use Curd is commonly used in Indian dishes like raita and lassi, while yoghurt is popular in Mediterranean and European cuisines.

8: Varieties Curd has various regional variations like Greek yoghurt, while commercial yoghurt comes in different flavors and textures.

9: Conclusion Understanding the differences between curd and yoghurt can help you make informed choices for your daily dietary needs.