1: Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 Samsung's superior camera quality and larger display size outshine Apple's older device.

2: Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 Display Enjoy vibrant colors and crisp details on the A15's 6.6-inch screen, leaving the iPhone 4's 3.5-inch display in the dust.

3: Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 Camera Capture stunning photos with the A15's 48MP camera, while the iPhone 4's 5MP camera falls short.

4: Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 Performance Experience seamless multitasking and gaming on the A15's powerful processor, surpassing the iPhone 4's outdated performance.

5: Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 Battery Life Stay connected all day with the A15's long-lasting battery, giving you more screen time than the iPhone 4.

6: Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 Design Embrace modern aesthetics with the A15's sleek design, leaving the iPhone 4's classic look behind.

7: Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 Pricing Get more bang for your buck with the affordable A15, offering better value than the pricier iPhone 4.

8: Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 Software Enjoy the latest features and updates on the A15's Android OS, while the iPhone 4 is stuck on older software versions.

9: Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 Verdict Choose the Galaxy A15 for superior performance, camera quality, and battery life, leaving the iPhone 4 in the shadows.