Super Bowl 2024: When and how to watch the NFL Championship

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Official NFL Schedule

Refer to the official NFL website or its official social media channels for the latest and most accurate information regarding the date and time of Super Bowl 2024

Broadcasting Networks

Identify the official broadcasting network for the Super Bowl in your region. Major networks typically secure broadcasting rights, so check with them for the live coverage schedule

Streaming Services

Explore streaming platforms that may have acquired streaming rights for the Super Bowl. Services like CBS All Access, NBC Sports, or ESPN+ might offer live coverage

Cable and Satellite Providers

If you have a cable or satellite subscription, check the schedule on the network carrying the Super Bowl in your region. This information is often available on the provider's website

Local Channels

In some cases, local channels might broadcast the Super Bowl. Check with local broadcasters for details on coverage, especially if you don't have access to cable or satellite services

Official Super Bowl Parties

Some communities or sports bars host official Super Bowl parties. Check local event listings or sports bar promotions for information on public viewing events

Social Media Updates

Follow official NFL social media accounts and relevant sports news outlets for real-time updates on the Super Bowl schedule, broadcasting details, and any changes to the event

NFL Mobile Apps

Utilize official NFL mobile apps, which often provide live streaming or updates on where to watch the game. Check app-specific features for Super Bowl coverage options