Toby Keith's Collaborations with Other Artists and Musicians

This collaboration with country legend Willie Nelson became a chart-topping hit, showcasing their complementary voices and shared love for traditional country music.

Beer for My Horses

Keith teamed up with country singer Danielle Peck for this heartfelt duet, blending their voices to create a poignant love song.

Crash Here Tonight

This collaboration featured on Keith's album "Blue Moon" showcases his harmonious blend with fellow country artist Curtis Wright.

Does That Blue Moon

A touching duet with his daughter Krystal, "Mockingbird" displays their familial bond and musical chemistry.


Keith joined forces with country duo Big & Rich for this upbeat collaboration, infusing their distinctive styles into a catchy party anthem.

Rock You Baby

Toby Keith collaborated with The Warren Brothers on this humorous and catchy song, which became a viral sensation.

Red Solo Cup

This duet with country singer Rose Falcon showcased Keith's versatility in collaborating with female artists and exploring different musical styles.

Hell No

Keith collaborated with country songwriter Paul Overstreet on this track, highlighting their shared appreciation for storytelling in music.

Every Dog Has Its Day

A collaboration with country duo The Kinleys, this lively duet captures the excitement and spontaneity of a carefree night out.

I'm Just Talkin' About

Keith co-wrote this song, which was later recorded by Kenny Chesney, showcasing his talent as a songwriter and collaborator in the country music industry.

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