1: Discover the magic of propagating plants in water with our Top 10 list.

2: Starting off with the classic pothos, this easy-to-grow plant is perfect for beginners.

3: Jade plants are another great option for water propagation, with their thick fleshy leaves.

4: Did you know that snake plants can also be grown from cuttings in water?

5: Get creative with succulents like echeveria, which thrive in water propagation.

6: Expand your collection with spider plants, known for their air-purifying qualities.

7: Rooting herbs like basil and mint in water is a tasty way to grow your garden.

8: Try your hand at propagating African violets for a pop of color in your home.

9: Don't forget about philodendrons, a versatile plant that thrives in water cuttings. Start your water propagation journey today!